Bobby Clampett

– The PGA Tour Champions has seen its fair share of jack-of-all-trades, but none may be more talented than the two time Fred Haskins Award Winner, three time First Team Collegiate All American from Brigham Young University and CBS golf broadcaster. He is a PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching as well as founder of Impact Based Instruction, both highly esteemed credentials in the field. In addition he was inducted into California Golf Hall Of Fame, Utah Golf Hall Of Fame and BYU's hallowed Halls all at once!

Bobby's greatest legacy is surely his Impact-Based® Instruction, which earned him the title of 'Father of Impact'. His invention has had a much greater impact on golfers' successes than any instructor in recent memory. Bobby successfully demolished all complex and conflicting theories about golf, giving players newfound understanding and hope for improvement. No longer will this beloved sport be an enigma or mystery; thanks to Bobby’s rewarding discovery!After accumulating seven top-five finishes and earning $1.5 million on the PGA Champion's Tour, Bobby is now retired and has shifted his focus to helping others. To this end, him and his wife Marianna put their heads together to form Impact Zone Golf in their East-Coast home of Naples, Florida - a comprehensive golf instruction program that is unparalleled worldwide!