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Working with Bobby is the key to unlocking your potential. He will replace any confusing and conflicting swing thoughts you have had that prevented improvement, replacing them instead with a better understanding of impact and what specifically needs to be done for progress. You'll go from confusion to clarity as you acquire an all-encompassing comprehension of how proper impact works, as well as how to assess and fix missed shots — leading naturally into greater distance control and reliability in performance. Once those foggy worries are gone, there's nothing stopping your game from reaching heights previously thought unimaginable!


Bobby burst onto the golf scene as he established himself as the world's premier amateur player, quickly taking his talents to the PGA Tour at only 19 years old. Before leaving college, Bobby had already won an unprecedented 12 NCAA Championships and was awarded First Team All-America honors three times along with winning two Fred Haskins trophies. His remarkable accomplishments are unparalleled in college sports history.

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Bobby made a name for himself as the world's top amateur golfer and at only 19 years old, he was already on his way to the PGA Tour. His college career is unparalleled in NCAA history; Bobby had won an unprecedented 12 championships and been awarded First Team All-America honors three times, not to mention walking away with two Fred Haskins trophies! Such astounding success truly makes him one of a kind.

Bobby is now known as somewhat of a “Renaissance Man.” Clampett’s varied interests have led him from playing golf courses to helping design them, as well as from the TV booth to the bookstores, as the successful author of “The Impact Zone.”

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Bobby Clampett has earned the reputation of being a "Renaissance Man" due to his varied interests. He has used his expertise in golf to both play on courses and help design them, while also transitioning from television into successful book writing with his acclaimed title, “The Impact Zone”.



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