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When you work with Bobby, he will help cut through all the conflicting and confusing swing thoughts you have had that have held your game back. He will replace them with a better understanding of the impact and what specifically is needed for your improvement. You will replace confusion with clarity as you gain a comprehensive understanding of what proper impact is, how to achieve it and how to assess and correct your missed shots. Greater distance and consistency will result. With your head cleared, you will make room for the game to soar to new heights you never dreamed possible.


Bobby first made a name for himself, coming hot onto golf’s scene as the world’s top amateur player and then leaving college early to join the PGA Tour at age 19, but only after winning an NCAA record 12 Championships and being a 3-Time First Team All-America and a 2-time Fred Haskins trophy winner.

Helping others enjoy the game

Well known as a player on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour later, he later turned his passion to helping others enjoy the game by the demonstration of his knowledge of how the game is taught and learned through his Impact-Based Teaching® System and earning his PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching.

Bobby is now known as somewhat of a “Renaissance Man.” Clampett’s varied interests have led him from playing golf courses to helping design them, as well as from the TV booth to the bookstores, as the successful author of “The Impact Zone.”

Clampett Cellars

An avid snow skier and life-long pilot (his father who was a two-time National Air Race Champion), Clampett has discovered another new passion a bit more down to earth: as a winemaker, whose Clampett Cellars announced its first two wines varietals, both red blends, in 2010. Clampett Cellars has since grown to over 11 wines in 2019 and is scheduled to start selling in major grocery stores in 2020.



“Great overall experience and state-of-the-art indoor facility!”

Larry P. Heidt / Chairman and CEO of Nabors Well Services