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We are in the process of adding all of Bobby's the meantime, please watched Bobby's holed iron shot at the 3M Championship.

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  1. Jesus Silva says:

    Hi Bobby, I recently purchased your Impact Zone book after reviewing some comments about the book and thought it had a lot to offer. After reading just a few pages of it I knew I was going to learn a lot from your method of teaching. I've gone to range the past two weekends and although I haven't read the entire book (I like to read instructional books slowly and methodically in order not to miss anything) and just by starting out doing the aiming point my ball striking has improved DRAMATICALLY. I've read an enormous amount of golf instruction books but your book crystalizes what the golf swing is all about-impact. I've been playing golf for 42 years, and I'm a pretty good golfer but I feel I've never reached my potential as a golfer, I really believe your book is going to help me make great strides in reaching my full potential. Thank you Bobby.

  2. Tony lanfranchi says:

    Hi Bobby ,
    Just bought you book (The impact Zone ) and i m rivited to your teaching method and going over it very slow so i can undersstand it. i think i may need to purchas the DVD . i tryed some methods and my lag is getting better but i'm still dumping the club late in the swing and it getting very frustrating . thanks for the book and information your passing on .

  3. Pat English says:

    Hi Bobby,
    I have been playing golf since I was 14 years old and am now 66. I purchased your video on Impact Zone a few weeks ago. I spent several days in the sand trap before going to the course. I was amazed with the improvement in my distance and accuracy after such a short period of time. I am hitting the ball further and better than ever. In all my previous instruction lessons from teachers, no one ever mentioned the "Impact Zone".

    Thanks for this great information,

  4. Robert Birzes says:

    I purchased the Impact Zone E book from the I Book store last week. I have to be honest by saying I haven't read the whole book yet, but just by reading over the first two chapters about the flat left wrist and the aiming point. My ball striking has improved. I might get the video companion to the book because I am a better visual learner. I love how you differentiate between dynamics and style.

    • bobby says:

      Glad to hear it Robert. Keep me posted on your game!

  5. malcolm says:

    i want to receive your free newsletter

  6. RAJESH LAL says:

    Dear Bobby,
    I saw your short video on the impact position and how you demonstrate it in the sand . I thought it an excellent visual and am intrigued about your methods to teach.I live in India and am 65 years old and have been playing since I was 18. However my bad back has prevented me from playing often as I would like. Would your instruction book be able to help me improve? I feel it would give me a better understanding though. I look forward to hearing from you. I am a 10 handicapper and play only 9 holes on weekends due to my bad back.
    Rajesh Lal

  7. Ken says:

    Bobby...In viewing your impact zone does this work with the driver as your video's more or less point only to the irons....

  8. Ken says: does this impact zone series and methods relate to a complete set of Hybrid it done the same way please explain...

  9. Andy Kilgore says:

    Hello: I have the same question as does Ken regarding the driver as I thought the ideal impact position for the driver was a slight accending path. Thank you.

    • Bob Dubel says:


      I agree with the other students. We need more information about the driver. I, too, have always been taught to swing the driver on an ascending path.


      Confused Old Bob Dubel

  10. Rick Heath says:


    While not being or interested in so called professional instruction I can see why players might be tempted as you were. I've always believed in sharpening my own tools and not to overhaul and change my natural swing action. I believe sincerely that Lee Trevino Is in the top 3 of all time ball strikers, always have. I wouldn't think of changing my method for his ever.

    Impact Zone is however very fascinating to me. This Is the correct method of teaching without Any doubt. Rick Heath/

  11. Ron Richardson says:

    Just purchased the 4-DVD TV offer... and… I’m kinda bummed…

    I watched all four videos and disappointed that there was no mention of hitting the driver. I’m hitting irons MUCH better but the driver is a challenge. I’m spraying my drives randomly both left and right. Are there any online Impact Zone instructions for the driver?

  12. Jeff says:

    Just purchased the dvd's and wanted to know how soon I can download them

    • bobby says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Please email or call 877-243-8718 for assistance. Download access should be almost immediate. Thank you! - The Impact Zone Golf Team

  13. Chris Ferrara says:


    For those who don't use a driver strictly 3 wood off the tee any pointers?

    Thank You,
    Chris Ferrara

  14. Jim Yeazle says:

    How do I purchase a book?


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