By Kim Cater

  • Caddying for Bobby Clampett—an absolute gentleman on and off the golf course.  He is friendly, polite and funny all the while treating everyone with respect from Tom Watson to the taxi cab driver.  And he treated his caddy like family.  Bobby played in the Pro-AM on Tuesday as the Rolex people requested him.  Now I know why they chose Bobby; he is really fun to play with and ended giving the amateur players a 45 minute golf lesson out in the practice area after we finished playing.  I can tell you that is a rare occurrence on any tour.  I think I learned more than the amateurs in that session.  The fans really appreciate Bobby as many know Bobby from the 1982 British Open at Troon and most know him from his commentating on CBS and TNT.  He signed many autographs and we gave away many signed balls and gloves.  I even signed an autograph; that is a first for me.
  • Bobby has a very positive attitude and has an excellent way to live in the present.  Like all people he gets upset with bad breaks and poor golf performance (which is not common).  But, he gets over it quickly and does not let one bad experience affect the next.  He is very smart and processes things at a level I am unfamiliar with.  I was with Bobby for essentially 10-16 hours per day for one week and what you see is what you get; he is does not have different personalities depending on who his is with.  Now, other pros I observed definitely had a public persona differing from the behind the scenes persona.
  • One great experience I was able to enjoy was complete access to the locker room and the players lounge.  I dressed like a golfer and must have looked like a golfer and the Scottish people were probably just too nice to confront Bobby and me.  Thus, I dined with a number of interesting people.  Just to throw out a few names—Tom Watson, Larry Mize, Ted Schultz, David Frost, Dennis Watson, Wayne Grady, Sandy Lyle, Dan Forsman, Tommy Armour III, Loren Roberts, Corey Pavin, Mike Reid, Carl Mason, Mark Wiebe and John Cook.  I learned a little about them and their families and they learned a wee bit about me and on occasions, about chiropractic.  I did meet Bernard Langer during a practice round.  Bernard is a close friend of Bobby and credits Bobby for a big part of his spiritual life.  Bernard also was crowned on Sunday afternoon as the 2010 British Senior Open Champion.
  • I had short chats with John Cook, Corey Pavin and Mark Wiebe who were golfers I had played golf with back in my college days.  They actually seemed like they remembered me or they pretended well.  I also ran into Mike Peck who played on the Stanford golf team with me.  He was an All American and should have been playing in the tournament.  He is currently working for Callaway in charge of three tours.
  • Following the final round we all went out to dinner with David Frost and Dennis Watson (veteran tour players) and a small part of their families.  Bobby’s clan included Marianna (his delightful wife), six of his friends (that came over to watch and support Bobby) and his caddy.  The food was great but what was awesome was listening to Bobby, Dennis and David tell funny golf stories of golf experiences and unusual rules and rulings from over the years.
  • We stayed at the Craigsanquar Hotel near Cuper which just outside St. Andrews.  It is an old Mansion built in approximately 1860 and converted into a Hotel in 1999.  It has a history back to the 12th century.  Bobby has some dear friends who own the property and they treated us like royalty.  We actually stayed in some brand new cottages next to the old mansion.  The accommodations were 5 star and the views of the country side were pristine and beautiful.
  • The days were long as it gets light very early and the sun sets late and one day specifically at 9:37 pm with darkness setting in about 10:20 pm.  We went to bed late and the days started early and thus we did not oversleep.
  • For exercise I did manage to get in four jogs around the golf schedule.  I am glad I am in pretty good shape as those pro golf bags are heavy.  Along with the usual golf equipment, I pack more than plenty of different clothes for cold and rainy weather as the conditions change frequently.  My legs, back and shoulders received there share of exercise this week and I feel like I had quite the workout.
  • I need to go on a diet; I ate like a King.  My caddy fee was room and board for the week.  Let’s just say I was paid very handsomely.  However, if I ate like that every week I would probably need the gastric bypass procedure.  It was awesome food and I would do it again in a heart beat.  However, now it is time to clean up my act or I would end up having fewer heart beats.